Thursday, April 7, 2011

Paraffin Oil and Skin Care

It is impossible to maintain good health in this time of the contaminated environment. Especially metro life is vulnerable in all respects. Almost all the newspapers in the morning are overwhelmed by the news and information for skin care and medication, but how many people are aware of the fact that almost all drugs and medicated oils for the base paraffin oil? It is a liquid that helps to maintain and revitalize our skin until our last breath. If we knew that the usefulness of this healthy oil, we could have had some home remedies. Paraffin oil is definitely a crucial role in the medical world.

Everybody knows a drug that makes our lives a living. But no one knows grandma's home remedy of paraffin oil. This greatly helps to treat many kinds of diseases. medication to the eyes like the eyes of ointment and moisturizers, and emollients were made ​​using purified paraffin oil. use of white oil in the skin not only makes your skin beautiful and younger looking you. leading brands Garnier, ponds and Ayur in India are made ​​with the use of liquid paraffin.

paraffin oil distilled from crude oil. It is at least three processes to go out with a purified form. Pharmaceutical companies are particularly extreme caution to collect the liquid for preparing medicines. people from the lab are more cautious regarding the cleanliness of the surroundings and dustless environment.

liquid paraffin was a boon for those people who are experiencing dry skin. It helps to exfoliate the human skin and make it younger looking. This is a great moisturizing properties. composition of this product contains paraffin oil, myristate, isopropyl and benzalkonium chloride having a capacity of antiseptic properties. These emollients make the skin supple, as benzalkonium chloride antiseptic properties help to destroy bacteria on the skin surface.

Moisturizing Bath Oil is also made ​​of paraffin oil and is extremely useful for the revival of smooth skin. This type of oil bath kept dermatitis and eczemas at bay. moisturizer and bath oil is used in case of dry skin.

Care should be taken while using the medication.

current medications should not be taken internally. One should be very careful when taking bath because it makes your feet and the floor is very slippery. People who are allergic to these drugs than paraffin oil should not use this feature. Pregnant women should not use this medicine with a prescription from a gynecologist. drugs of paraffin oil that has side effects, in the case of different people in different ways. Until now very rare number of complaints from the medical liquid paraffin were reported. But in the end the role of paraffin oil is inevitable. As a matter of fact, it is a boon for the world of modern medicine and allopaths, as well as plant.


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